Family Language Exchange
I'm a mother of 5 kids, and I'm on a life-long quest to give my kids a second language primarily in my home--even though I'm not a native speaker!

If you have the desire for your kids to learn Spanish, or if you have tried it... please read on! 

During this COVID19 time, I've started a 'Family Language Exchange.' Participating families are matched with a Spanish speaking family with complementary children and abilities in the second language. Each week you will do a video exchange playing games together and doing hands-on learning activities (30 min in Spanish and 30 min in English). It's a ton of fun!

Using my experience as an online ESL teacher, I'll teach you how to help your partner family with English during the video chat sessions. They will also get this direction and guidance to help you and your kids with Spanish!

There's a limited number of spots for each time we open the program. If you would like to apply, please fill out the quick questionnaire. We'll send you more info.

Adrienne Babbitt

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Step 1

Please share the experience you and your spouse have with speaking Spanish.

What is your Spanish ability? 

If applicable, what is your partner's Spanish ability?

Why do you want you and your children to learn Spanish? (Please select your primary motivation and add more comments if 'other')

Do you or your partner have experience teaching? (Please write grade/age groups in the box below as well)

What State and Country do you currently reside in?

What is the time zone? (use abbreviations like EST)

What is your Name?

What is the best email?

What is the Name of your Spouse?

What is your Phone Number?

What is the name of the person who referred you to this Pilot Program?

Step 2

Please share the experience your children have with Spanish. You can skip questions if additional children aren't in your family, and there is space to write more if you have a big one!
Describe your family. How many kids in total, boys/girls. Ages of each and two of the top things interesting to them (i.e. bike riding and super heros).
What experience does your FIRST child have in Spanish?
What experience does your SECOND child have in Spanish?
What experience does your THIRD child have in Spanish?
I have more than 3 children (please write the Spanish experience level of each additional child below).
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